Why On-Line

Leveraging the brilliance of our Language Professors, our Program Developers, and our Adult Learning Specialists- our language technology team at Natural Immersion Technique has created one of the world's most sophisticated learning platforms available for the acquisition of German as a second language. By going into the minds of Native German Speakers and giving you direct access to their thought and speech patterns - with video and audio streamed into the comfort of your own home - you begin to be programmed, both consciously AND unconsciously into becoming MASTERS of the German Language.

Equally as our research continues and our programs grow and expand- you continue to have access to the latest, most up-to-date, German Language learning available. We realise that "practice makes perfect" and our practice opportunities and forums for on-line discussion in which you get to PRACTICE with Natural German Speakers- LIVE, will give you a huge advantage in learning German, like a Native, in an immersive environment - in the least amount of time possible.

Your Time is Valuable!

Convenience. 24/7 Availability. Portability. Our program is optimized for streamed delivery on ANY DEVICE. And because so much of our technology is embedded in the presentations, you can be absorbing German, like a sponge, on the train to work, sitting at your desk, while bicycling to the store, or in the comfort of your own home. Our multi-bit encoder and integrated sub-audible entrainment technology ensures that your brain is acquiring German from the moment you begin the program. As rapidly as is humanly possible!

Now is the time for YOU to finally learn German, rapidly, easily, and thoroughly!

Now is the time for YOU to finally learn German, rapidly, easily, and thoroughly! Our programs, divided into easily consumable modules will allow you to Naturally acquire German the way is was meant to be acquired. Through Immersion. The way every child learns, AND ABSORBS, his native language.

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